royal enfield classic 350 alloy wheels

Best Custom alloy wheels for Royal Enfield – Royal Erado

Royal Enfield classic 350 alloy wheels

Now you can also buy alloy wheels with a Royal Enfield classic or thunderbird series. Royal Enfield recently launched alloy wheels for classic and thunderbird as an optional accessory.

But the question is, why to buy stock alloy wheels when you have tons of other options. Royal Erado offers many opportunities for bike enthusiastics to buy royal Enfield classic 350 alloy wheels and Royal Enfield thunderbird 350 alloy wheels.

Royal Erado

Special Boos edition for Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield classic 350 alloy wheels and Thunderbird alloy wheels - Royal Erado

Our alloy wheels can be installed on Classic 500 and 350 as well as on the Thunderbird 500 and 350. You can choose from multiple different style and colour, the front wheel standard measurement is 19 inches and rear wheel at 18 inches and many other options.

To avoid any hassles while riding your bike, you can opt for tubeless tyre while installing brand new, super stylish alloy wheels from Royal Erado. Tubeless tyres are more convenient in comparison to tube tyre.

Royal Enfield stock tyres are not tubeless hence you should always choose for tubeless tyres while getting alloy wheels for classic 350 or alloy wheels for thunderbird 350 or 500 series.

Royal Erado alloys are long-lasting, more reliable and better quality than any other aftermarket alloy wheels available.

As Royal Enfield is the most modified bikes in India, we offer besides of alloy wheels other accessories as well such as tanks, mirror, stands, luggage bags, lights and more. You can check our other branded and high-quality accessories here.

Royal Erado

Only Buy original Royal Erado alloy wheels

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